Learn how to play Bingo

A very easy game to play, Bingo can be enjoyed with friends and family. This holiday season, sit down with your loved ones and enjoy this beautiful game by logging in on 1-onlinecasinocanada . Bingo can be played for money or just for fun. Launch it on your mobile device and take your game anywhere with you.

Getting started with Bingo

Bingo is played on Bingo cards and you can easily get these on one of the many Bingo rooms on the internet. To play this game, create your account on one of the many trustworthy sites. Registration is very easy and all you need to do is give out your name, email id and a few other details.

  • Choose your Bingo site after reading online reviews

If you are looking for free Bingo games, then there isn't any need to make any deposit with your casino. However, if you aim to be a pro, we would urge you to make some deposit and understand how real money Bingo games work. Interestingly, some Bingo free games can make you rich

Bingo and letter-combinations

Every Bingo card has several random numbers printed on it. These numbers are generated randomly and are arranged in 5 rows and 5 columns. On top of these numbers, you can see the word BINGO. So in all there are 6 rows, one made up of BINGO and the rest 5 comprised by the numbers.

To win your game, you need to get 5 consecutive letter combinations right. A letter combination will always have one of the 5 letters of BINGO and a number. The winning combinations can be vertical or horizontal. The game starts with the online croupier calling out the letter combinations like B-12, O-9, I-5, and so on.

Getting the right letter combinations

The letter combination B-12 means all the numbers whose sum is 12 in the B column. These numbers could 66, 39,93, 75, 57, etc. I-9 means all the numbers whose sum is 9 and are in the I column. The player who gets all the right letter combinations early is the winner.

  • You can learn Bingo by watching videos

Besides being a very simple game, Bingo can be played on your laptop, tablet, mobile phone or desktop. Most modern browsers such as Chrome, Safari, Edge, and Firefox support this game. Online Bingo can be played on iOS and Android phones, and you can even download this interesting game on your device.

How to win your Bingo free game?

While this game is very simple to understand, you need to know a few secret hacks to master it. First of all, choose a room or time that has very few players. Playing early morning or during afternoons can better your odds as there are very few players around. More players means lesser odds.

You can also improve your chances by playing as many games as you can. The trick is however to manage your cards efficiently. If you aren't attentive enough, you might lose track of the letter combinations called out by the croupier. Finally, in the interest of your own safety, play your Bingo game on licensed sites.

  • Your casino's license information is at the bottom of the home page.

Free Bingo Bonuses

Online casinos are falling over themselves to get new players all the time. If you are new to gambling or even new to a free Bingo game, don't be surprised at receiving a No Deposit Bonus from your casino. This is virtual money that you get for just registering yourself with the casino.

Sometimes, you might get a bonus by just referring a friend to a Bingo site. Use that referral code to play paid Bingo rounds for free. If you are lucky, you might get some free Bingo money by just liking the Facebook page of a casino or opting in to a mailer campaign.